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What are the Benefits OR Features offered by HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card?

As A Welcome Benefit, The applicant can get 500 cashpoints. if you pay the payment of membership fee. as I already said, it is a reward point-based value back credit card. Therefore, it allows earning regular 2 reward points for every spend of ₹150 or more.

On Online Purchasing, it offers 2x reward points. it switches or upgrades your reward points from 2 to 4. in simple words, you can earn 4 reward points on every online purchase of more than ₹150 you made.

it has a gift voucher facility for the cardholder. The individual can get more than ₹2000 worth of gift vouchers every year by using the card.

At the time of increasing fuel prices, it has a facility of Fuel Surcharge Waiver to get a discount on refueling. briefly, it offers a ₹250 Cashback per statement cycle on refueling at a minimum transaction of ₹400. you can get a discount as a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on all brands of fuel stations across Indian states.

To Redemption of Reward Points or Cashback

Your earned 1 Reward Point value is ₹0.25 or more. it is valid for only 2 years from the date of accumulation which is quite good than other similar cards. For Redemption, you can visit the SmartBuy Rewards Portal. After that, you can redeem your reward points for travel benefits such as booking flights, hotels, or buses. however, you can only redeem 50% of the booking cost.

How to Apply For The HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card or How you get one

For Applying for a money-back credit card, the applicant can visit the nearest branch of HDFC Bank for better convenience. Moreover, you can apply for the card through HDFC Bank’s official website. All you need to do is, Go to the HDFC Bank website and on the header section, click on the credit card option, now you have to click on apply online button.

It will ask for your personal, income, and address details. to get the card, you have to mention your few documents such as a pan card, Aadhar card, and Payslip. it will take 20 minutes to complete the process. once your process is done, it suggests a few HDFC Bank cards. you can select which one you want and click on the select button to jump to the next process.

it will ask few details to complete your KYC. Once your process is done, it will issue a card and deliver it to your mentioned address.


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